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T.T. Distributors Thrush Off for Horses



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In the open range, wild horses travel an average of 25 miles a day looking for the next water hole and better pastures. The hoof cycle of growth and wear and tear is equally balanced. The frog also keeps clean and trimmed. In the 25 mile daily journey those hooves will expand and contract thousands of times keeping bacteria from building up. We break that cycle when we stable the horse. This event allows bacteria to pack and seal the hoof and frog, developing into an infection commonly known as “Thrush”. “Thrush” is an infection of the horse’s frog. Bacteria sets in and feeds on the frog’s soft tissue. An untreated mild case can turn into a major infection involving sensitive live tissue inside the hoof, which often creates serious and sometimes permanent lameness.

What causes “Thrush” ?

Many types of BACTERIA can cause Thrush, although “Fusobacterium necrophorum“ is often the host.
This bacteria is anaerobic, which means that it survives without oxygen. This anaerobic organism penetrates the soft tissue of the frog and can eat all the way to the sensitive tissue and into the digital plantar cushion and eventually into the navicular and coffin bones.

Treatment with “Thrush Off”

Generally mild Thrush is an infection that is easy to treat. However if the factors that cause it (infected stalls, poor hoof keeping, etc) are not corrected, the infection will likely return. Once the black necrotic (dead) tissue has been removed and the frog, cleft and sulcus (the grooves on either side of the frog) of the hoof has been cleaned, you can apply “Thrush Off”. Brush the product deep into the frog and affected areas with a toothbrush.
Unlike other products, “Thrush Off” does not burn sensitive or live tissue such as the coronet band or an open wound. Unlike other products, “Thrush Off” heals open wound tissue. Unlike other products, “Thrush Off” kills Thrush on contact. Unlike other products, “Thrush Off” is Natural and Non Toxic.

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