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5 LB

Made with high quality Bentonite clay, the base for many human facial masks, this poultice has a smooth constancy for easy application, reducing the need to use large amounts for application.

  • Sore No-More® Classic Poultice is great for use in addressing abscesses as the clay helps draw out toxins and bring pockets to the surface, reducing recovery time.
  • Removing the poultice is just as easy as applying. Unlike other poultices, this poultice can be easily brushed out or hosed off without scraping or scrubbing.
  • Once applied, this poultice can be left unattended, alone or under wraps, as there is no risk of burning or irritations when left for extended periods of time like other poultices.
  • As the overall Horse Journal favorite, voted product of the year three times, you can put your trust in Sore No-More® Classic Poultice.


Silky smooth and non-irritating, our Sore No-More® Cooling Clay Poultice is a combination of our famous Sore No-More® Liniment formula and our master mud, Bentonite clay blend.  This superior, effective and naturally soothing clay should be used on areas of swelling, edema, heat and inflammation.  This poultice is easy to apply and remove: no scraping or scrubbing is necessary.  Use this product on legs to provide cooling relief and prevent and reduce swelling during exercise, training and competition.  You’ll find this poultice effective as a standalone application or couple with plastic, paper or standing wraps if you prefer.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm


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