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N’Ice-N-Cool is an all natural freeze gel containing 100% natural menthol, emu oil and tea tree oil help to relieve temporary muscular soreness due to strenuous competition or workouts. If used promptly, Nice-N-Cool can help restore the animal’s natural range of motion and can help minimize the degree of soreness that settles in the body with time.

Nice-N-Cool uses natural ingredients to aid in the control of temporary muscle soreness, stiffness, swelling and sprains. The cooling action helps to temporarily remove heat from hot, tired, overworked leg and body tissues. The combination of menthol and eucalyptus in Nice-N-Cool will help stimulate circulation in the area where applied. It contains aloe vera emu oil and tea tree oil that condition and soothe the skin and will not blister, discolor or damage the hair.

Penetrating emu oil is believed to benefit aching muscles and joints by relieving the discomfort of pain and inflammation caused by injured tissues and joints. Emu oil contains high levels of linolenic acid, a substance known to ease joint pain, and oleic acid, a substance that has anti-inflammatory effects on dermal tissues.

The Nice-N-Cool gel stays in place making it easy to massage into muscles and legs. It also distributes evenly when diluted in water to sponge over the body.


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 8 cm


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