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The overall focus for the design of this collar is to prevent a horse from cribbing,(windsucking, not woodchewing) with as little discomfort to the horse as possible and also to alleviate hair loss and rubbing as much as possible.

The Dare® Cribbing Control Collar has a totally leather encased, arched-top, rectangular-shaped piece at the bottom which fits between the jaw bones, laying parallel to the esophagus and larynx. This block extends both to the forward and rear of the crown strap so that the strap is fully reversible (there is no front or back). When the horse attempts to crib, the length of the block makes arching the neck in a cribbing position difficult and also applies upward pressure which makes the act of wind sucking uncomfortable. This puts the pressure where it is needed to control cribbing rather than on the horse’s poll or brow.

The crown strap is made from quality leather that is extra-wide for ridigity as well as to disburse the pressure on the neck and poll which alleviates pressure points making the collar more comfortable for the horse. The crown strap fits behind the ears, usually several inches behind where the halter will sit. There is not a strap across the horse’s brow. The Dare Collar features stainless steel roller buckles on both sides which allows the collar to be fastened from either side of the horse, creates maximum size adjustment (one size fits all) and alleviates a long tail hanging at one buckle. Additional holes or half-holes can be punched as needed for optimum fit.

As with any horse product, when placing the collar on the horse or when turning the horse out, use extreme care and common sense. Be aware that the collar will loosen when the horse drops its head to eat and drink. The Dare® Cribbing Control Collar is made to be durable, so it will be slightly stiff when new and will conform to your horse as it breaks in. Check and adjust the fit over time.

Before fastening the new collar, you may need to gently bend the strap (esp. if your horse is wide in the throatlatch area) so that the throat piece fits up into the throat area. The front of the block will fit between the jaw bones and the rear will rest against the neck. The collar should be fastened so that it is comfortably snug when the horse’s neck is level or above as shown in the pictures. Start with light contact and tighten a hole at a time until effective. If the collar can be turned out of position without difficulty, tighten it as this will lessen rubbing and prevent your horse from turning the collar. The collar will loosen when the horse drops its head to eat or drink, so check the fit at the horse’s normal cribbing position. After the collar breaks in and conforms to the horse, it may need to be tightened another hole. Every horse’s determination to crib (wind suck), conformation and personality is unique so the tightness needed will vary widely between horses. Some very determined cribbers will need to have the collar tight while other cribbers are stopped with the collar rather loose.

We do not recommend oiling the Dare® Cribbing Control Collar, especially the throat piece, which might soften the leather corners and diminish the effectiveness of anti-cribbing block. If you feel you must oil to soften the leather, oil only the crown strap. The collar should be kept clean using a good quality saddle soap or a leather cleaner.

We guarantee the Dare Cribbing Control Collar against defects in materials and workmanship.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 1 cm


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