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Hoof Secret is a small, alfalfa-based pellet that combines the key ingredients biotin, zinc, and methionine to help support optimal hoof growth. Biotin is best known for healthy hoof growth. Zinc strengthens the bond between the soft tissue of the inner hoof to the outside hoof wall. Methionine is a sulfur containing amino acid required for hoof growth. B-Vitamins are also imperative for healthy skin, coat, and hoof growth. Hoof Secret helps to support improving hoof hardness, hoof thickness, and improving tender feet while promoting new hoof growth.

Each ounce of Hoof Secret delivers 35 mg. Biotin, 2,285.5 mg. DL-Methionine, 137.5 mg. Zinc, 42.5 mg. Manganese, 10 mg. Vitamin B-6, and 328 mg. Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C).

Recommended Dosage: 1 to 2 oz. daily.

Hoof Secret is available in 9 and 25 pound reclosable buckets.

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