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No Valerian, No Tryptophan, and No Sugars

Calm Down and Finish Strong with Ex Stress, The Ultimate B Complex & Magnesium Calmative.

  • Focused and productive training
  • Stress-free travel to and from the event
  • Addresses nutritional deficiencies that cause anxiety
  • Herb free formula won’t cause drowsiness
  • More than just Thiamine – includes 5 necessary B-Vitamins for behavioral support
  • Available as a daily feed powder or as a pre-event / pre-travel paste

Ex Stress is an all natural, herb free formula to help your horse handle the stress of travel and competition. Don’t let your horse’s pre-event jitters cause him to wash out at the end of the event, feed Ex Stress. Ex Stress is available as a daily, economical powder and pellet, or an easy to feed event day paste. Ex Stress succeeds where other products have failed. When you need an effective calmative for your horse, try Ex Stress first.

Out of 30 calming products tested, Ex Stress was picked as the overall best calmative by the Horse Journal.

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